Best 8 Cloud Storage Services for 2021

Nowadays, with everything getting online, storing, and syncing your data in the cloud has become quite common. In fact, as most people are working from home, sharing your data and documents with your fellow teammates has become a common occurrence, thus cloud storage has gained prominence.

With online storage and syncing of files playing a major role in accomplishments, computer systems are moving away from local to remote storage. This has greatly affected the consumers as now they instead of playing music and streaming videos from discs; stream and play it from servers. In fact, by storing your media and documents in the cloud, you can not only enjoy its access from anywhere you want but also help in improving collaboration.

To help you out with this, here we have come up with some of the best cloud storage and file-sharing services, storing data on which provides you seamless access to all your significant data. You can store all your digital assets in it and access them from wherever you want.

Microsoft One Drive: Best for Windows users

Microsoft One Drive is the default storage and syncing service for Office 365 and Windows 10 available online. What makes it stand out from its competitors is that this platform is loaded with powerful features and applications for various other platforms.

Google Drive: Best for Google Document users

Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the most generous cloud storage service providers. This platform offers a lot of exclusive features and provides capabilities in collaboration with an excellent productivity suite. If you are a web design service provider, then you can choose this for storing all your written documents safely.

Dropbox: Best for Integration with Third-party Services

When it comes to simple yet reliable cloud storage and file syncing services, Dropbox tops the list. Unlike other platform offerings, like that of iCloud and Google Drive, this platform is a quite less integrated but more expensive option. One of the profitable features of Dropbox is that it comes with enhanced collaboration features. If you use this application for storing your project task and somehow you have lost it, then look for instant help to overcome this.

CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box: Best for Securing File Storage and Sharing

When security is your top priority, always choose CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box for storing your sensitive files in the cloud. This enhanced platform secures your files and folders without sacrificing its easy use.

SpiderOak ONE: Best for Maximum Security of Your Cloud Files

Another popular and reliable platform that offers top-notch security features is SpiderOak ONE. This is a true fact that it comes along with flexible sharing and backup options. But what makes this a less preferred option than its competitors is that it is a bit more expensive than others with similar functionalities.

Apple iCloud Drive: Best for iPhone and Mac users

Another cloud storage service that is worth using is Apple iCloud Drive. But this platform is committed to those who use Apple iPhone and exclusively for Mac users. It also comes with file syncing options but then also it tends to fail to keep up with the competition with Microsoft and Google.

IDrive: Best for iPad users

What makes this application unique among others is that it comes along with a combination of capabilities that are commonly not found in other apps. This platform is exclusively for iPad users and it allows you to share and back up all files and folders seamlessly. In fact, with this application, you can enjoy all your video, music, photos and many more, that is not easily found anywhere else.

Box (Personal): Best for Business Integrations

Box is quite easy to use online cloud storage tool which can be synced online. It can be well integrated with a wide range of services and applications. What makes this tool distinguishable among others is that as it is exclusively for business integrations, its cost is more than similar other products with the same functionalities. For storing important select this tool.

These are the top 8 cloud storage services on the basis of popularity among worldwide users for digital learning. You can choose the right one for you that meets your requirements and expectations.