What’s “HOT” In the E-Learning Industry? Time for New Riddles!

Till you live, you learn! That’s the ideology people grow up with. Education is a big world without any horizons. Although text-books and classrooms have been there for edifying students, these cannot be considered the “ideal” or “wholesome” source of information. With the inception of e-learning, the brims have swelled up. Scholars have been introduced to a whole new flexible world of information. Knowledge has started residing at your fingertips. And today, more stimulation are on the way.

Although the bottom line is same, innovations are visible on the top. Every now and then, researchers are coming with new advancements, making the whole process more seamless. For example, college essays, which used to be a strenuous part of academic life, is no more a terror to students. E-learning has made it easy for students. While sitting at your home, get a customized paper written for you.

Well, that’s just one mere example of what e-learning is offering today. Buzz is high that the industry is about to see some innovations. Let’s take a look at the impending novelties.

“What’s Hot” in E-Learning Environment

Learning path, individual learning profile, search option, transcripts, learner catalog, progress bar, learner’s dashboard, etc. has already been a part of the learning environment, offering wholesome experience. Now, more innovations are about to join the list. Check out, here –

  • Deep-linking Facility: A direct link of the login page (which will redirect to the respective course, module, or content) will remain embedded in the emails sent to the candidates.
  • Customized Landing Page: User can customize the home page in terms of theme, display and exposure after logging into the portals.
  • Hierarchical Support: Customers can get further assistance regarding the course from desired-level executives of various units like business, enterprise, etc.
  • Multiple Course Catalogs: Users can choose or purchase various courses and modules, depending on the cost, category and discounts, etc., from the respective catalogs.
  • Personalized Learning Plan: E-learning portals show optional courses, required modules, to-do lists, and more similar choices from which you can choose the one you need the most at present. You will have the opportunity to bookmark courses for later subscriptions.

“Upcoming updates” in Learning Experience Platforms (LXP)

Similar to the add-ons of learning environment, LXP is awaiting its new updates. It is believed to be more seamless than before, offering altogether a great user-experience. Here’s the list –

  • User experience designs will change to proffer an all-in-one experience in terms of interaction, prototypes, research, information, and scenarios.
  • User Interface will be modified on the context of graphic designs, visuality, fonts and typography, color combination, layout, and more.
  • Digital badging system will be introduced in the updated version. (A tip for e-learning websites: Do not offer digital badges tied with respective vendor names; micro-credentialing with renowned e-campus names like URI is going to confer a gig to the learners)

Rapid-fire Adaptation Mode

Alongside all the aforesaid updates, there are two contemplates that are in rapid-fire mode. One is content and the other is curation. These are similar in contexts but hold two completely different meanings. Except for content is curated and curation cannot occur without content, there’s no point of similarity between them. Dissimilarity is visible in their functionality. But here, we will talk about the innovations that are one the way.

Content: Anticipations are high that the future update will bring the opportunity of creating a personalized course through 3rd-party or systems and selling it to the various e-learning vendors for other users in the portal.

Curation: By the next update, hopefully, users can curate the trending contents as per their choices using keywords, social signals, and a few other settings. Besides this, the rest of the curation process is in a stagnant mode.

Go for digital learning websites and experts will guide you with every minor detail. Honestly, things are that much since online learning has come up. Simply, Google your keyword and thousands of portals are there to offer guidance. Well, a bit of filtering is important to find a reliable service provider. Time to trigger your learning knack and scrutinizing capability – in a moment, you are there!