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TechDailyJournal are eager to notify you that we are open to Guest Posts. It offers a platform to those aspiring writers who want to earn global appreciation for their articles and blogs. Furthermore, we are looking for splendid digital marketers and advertisers who have a passion and adoration for writing to join our writing community and offer their insight and involvement with our readers.

At TechDailyJournal, we are accepting submissions from a wide assortment of content creators and organizations who write on multiple categories that refer to our blog niche. So, individuals who have interests in any field can write for us and they will also get a do-follow backlink to the homepage of their blog.

We are searching for magnificent and unique contents that vary in subjects, for example, Gadgets, Technology, Mobile Apps, App development, Laptop, Electronics, Social Media, SEO, Web design, Web Hosting, Web development, Internet & Networking, Hardware & Software, Data & Programming, Product Reviews, Tech News and many more.

Our guest posting services help in sorting out a worthy plan that is intended to profit both you and your office.

General Guidelines:

It is advised to go through the guidelines carefully before submitting a guest post because we will not accept any of those that do not comply with our guidelines. In case you want to discuss anything about publicizing opportunities or sponsorship, then simply send us an email at our official mail address.

You must follow all points mentioned in this guideline:

  • The content length should be around 800 to 3000 words, and it should be based upon the information and experiences of the content creator.
  • The article must belong to categories that are specialized in our website niche.
  • It is advised not to add more than 1 do-follow hyperlink of your article, except that of resource links.
  • Your content should be 100% original and unique; it should not be published anywhere.
  • The submission of your article should be in Microsoft Word document and it should be sent in email connections.
  • The article should be informative and ought not to make reference to the name of the writer’s organization or items straightforwardly.
  • All pictures should be in JPG or PNG format and their size should be 1200*675. You must compress all pictures in a single folder named IMAGES.
  • You must incorporate a proposed title for the article and the writer’s byline.
  • We maintain the authority to alter your content including the headings{H1,H2}, subheadings{H3,H4}, and content if the guidelines have not been followed correctly.
  • Focus on a solitary theme and give proper instructions.
  • We WILL NOT post articles related to drugs, s*x, alcohol, and these words and links MUST NOT BE inside the post!

How to Submit Guest Post at

Everyone is welcome to write for us as this will help in connecting to people of our interest and the growth of our community. To get in touch with our team, you can come in contact with us at { admin[at]techdailyjournal[dot]com } .

Once you have read the guidelines of our guest postings, if you really want to write for us, then email us directly at { admin[at]techdailyjournal[dot]com } . Before the payment process, your articles will be live. Therefore, you need to send your payment through PayPal after we have posted your article.

Some people have still queries related to guest blogging. To help them out by giving proper clarifications, here we have discussed some frequently asked questions.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is quite a broader term, it basically refers to composing and publishing an article or blog on some other person’s website. This is an extraordinary way of coming in contact with some new users and getting the fame that you deserve.

Apart from other marketing considerations that it offers, SEO guest blogging provides you with a good opportunity to secure a link back from various other websites.

What are the Perks of our Guest Posting Services?

Bloggers usually love guest posting and the main reason behind this is they care about is the exposure which can be easily achieved through guest blogging. Let’s take a look at some advantages of guest posting:

  • It helps in building your online influence
  • With this, you will be able to create quality backlinks
  • As a writer, you get more exposure in the blogs
  • It helps in increasing traffic to your blog or site through keyword optimization
  • As you have to follow some criteria and considerations while submitting guest posts, it polishes your writing skills and helps in producing creative and better content.
  • It makes you a skilled content writer
  • In this platform, it is easier to convey your messages and ideas to the world, thus it offers you the freedom of expressions
  • You can come in contact with some more bloggers who possess the same thinking.

Does Guest Posting for a Site Really Matter?

According to an SEO expert, guest blogging is five times more significant for a site than the creation of any new content on the website. Thus, it is an excellent approach to expand your reputation online and expanding your reach.

Not only this, posting on other people’s blogs, also helps in optimizing traffic to your site, therefore providing a satisfactory result. In fact, for those writers who want global publishing opportunities, this would be an initial and important step that one cannot avoid. So, what are you waiting for? Start your guest posting today!

How You Can Look for The Sites That Are Accepting Guest Posts?

Presently, there are two main methods using which you can look for a website exclusively for guest blogging:

  • Utilize websites that relate to bloggers and publishers
  • Prospect the website by searching with social media, search engines, and other lists of resources, etc.
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