3 International Business Careers Grads Are Going Crazy Over

How about having a career that proffers you to explore the world, interact with top-class clients, and engage in intense organizational decisions? Ain’t the thought fascinating! International Business Careers tender these exciting opportunities in conjunction with lucrative salary packages. It’s a vocation that takes you amid the intercultural issues helping you to mature within the global workspace while strengthening your position in the world map.

Trend is in the air! Just make sure you graduate with eye-steering scores that interviewers can’t excuse of. Here, I am going to highlight three of the top and most fascinating International Business careers that are in-demand among the management scholars.

1. Global Marketing Manager

Marketing administrators are accountable for balancing creative vision with unique business careers strategies. Leadership is the measurement of their efficiency. If you become a Marketing analysts head, not only you have to supervise global marketing campaigns of your organization, but also you have to administer the sales executives, art directors, PR managers, product developers and other employees. Keeping an eye on the global sales and sorting out neoteric ways of its expansion are solely bossed by the marketing managers.

Job Functionality: Reaching out to target markets, planning fresh campaigns, overseeing advertising contracts and budgets, initiating market study and analysis, evaluating international demands, handling digital and print media, and developing cost-strategy.

Average Pay Scale: $130,000

Expected Job Growth by 2026: 10%

2. International HR Manager

Human Resource managers cater as a liaison between the top-level directorial body and the general employees. Occupational responsibilities of international HRs extend up to managing diversity within the workforce, dealing with legal restrictions, recruiting new employees through rigorous skill assessment, and managing an intra/inter-organization business careers relationship on a global scale. The job responsibilities, although strenuous, are fun to a certain extent. If you can cut through the tough and layered interview session, you will never regret getting into the job. The only criteria to sustain in this occupation is the capacity of hard working.

Job Functionality: Aligning employees to support organizational development on a global scale, drawing parallels between the workers and the international workplace culture, coordinating with the overseas divisions in the context of employee-benefit programs, handling delicate HR issues while preserving national laws, and administering foreign contractors.

Average Pay Scale: $110,000

Expected Job Growth by 2026: 9%

3. Intercontinental Economist

Economists are of great exigence in international business careers sectors, where they are employed to focus on the production and flow of goods resources and services. Although demand is high, annexing the job is quite challenging and indeed difficult. Business heads critically asses the interviewees in the process of hiring an economist. The reason is nothing but the complexity of this occupation and its densely convoluted responsibilities. From evaluating data to analyzing economic issues and developing theories, economists have to cope with comprehensive fiscal matters.

Job Functionality: Analyzing international consumer demand, statistical surveys and managing database programs, predicting macro-market trends, creating reports from survey findings and representing them through charts and tables, designing economical policies to deal with complex situations, and recommending fresh strategies in accordance to the global standard.

Average Pay Scale: $100,000-105,000

Expected Job Growth by 2026: 6%     

Rivetted by the pay scale and job responsibilities? If you wish to adopt an international business careers, start the process from today.