Learn How to Make Money Through Social Media Metrics

Digitization has engulfed the whole business industry and there’s no way you can escape its requisites. In reality, it is actually the other-way-round. Organizations are enthusiastic about digital promotions, and every now and then, pristine social media campaign news come up in different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

So, Why Is It Important to Be Social on Social Media?

You may think it as one cliché query as social media is all about being social and communicative. But have you ever spared a moment to think deeply? What lies in a social media and why companies are running behind it? Well as we know there’s no smoke without fire, likewise, these platforms have a lot to offer. The idea extends beyond what your eyes meet!

If to be put generally, every business demands a social media presence. No matter whether you are running a small trade or a bigger venture, social media promotion is an indispensable slice of your marketing strategy. With billions of people active over these platforms, it’s an easy mean to increase brand awareness or generate leads. So evidently, organizations are grabbing every opportunity to increase their online visibility by being apparently perceptible over the virtual media. It’s just the best way of connecting thousand minds with a single thread.

Starbucks Surely Knows the Drill – Their Enviable Social Media Marketing Strategies Will Woo You

SWOT analysis of Starbucks shows that its social media campaigns are simply killing is an understatement in comparison to what it is actually doing. 37.2 million Facebook likes, 16 million Instagram fans, 11.9 million Twitter followers, and 153K YouTube subscribers are enough to speak for the brand itself. It’s one iconic coffee bigwig that has won over North America’s all other restaurant and beverage pages catering to million hearts with quality and promotion.

Here’re are those 6 outstanding strategic moves of Starbucks –

  1. “Less is More” strategy:
  2. Promotion of “Limited-Time Deals”
  3. “Tweeting & Re-Tweeting” strategy
  4. Vibrant Instagram Stories
  5. Brand curated hashtags
  6. “Good Feels Good” YouTube videos

Zara Is “Socializing” Like Never Before – It Went on To Become the Most Engaging Brand on Virtual Media

To your perennial fashion questions, everyone seems to be answering, but Zara has been setting the quotient for long now. Have you ever thought how they succeed to maintain their prominence in this fatal world of competition? 

In this fast-paced fashion world, change is the only constant. With the dawn’s break, a new product is being launched by one or the other. But what matters the most is promotion. And, Zara leads in that spectrum! – Catch a glimpse of its exclusive social media campaigning strategies.

  1. Posts product-focused content
  2. 70% of the posts are look book-style images
  3. Self-campaign through vivid videos
  4. “Twitter Strategy” – Highly active user conversation
  5. Proactive response to concerns and queries
  6. Engages in discussions about social issues
  7. Gets “@ mentions” from high profile users/celebrities
  8. Integrated hashtag campaigns (launched a clothing line with the name #join life)
  9. “Timeless” – a featured content on Instagram
  10. Introduces influencer marketing technique
  11. Catalogue videos on YouTube for launching new trend
  12. Sometimes negative publicity like “Pepe the Frog

Peek-A-Boo at The Quintessential Social Media Metrics

Are you an entrepreneur or do you aspire to be one someday? Then it’s high time you get conversant with the social media metrics. There are hundreds of them of which eleven are of significant importance. Nail them to meet the marketing goals and beat the competitions. 

Social Media Impressions

Marketing goals of a company is more like a delicious platter that the owner desires for but as you know, anything good never comes handy. The road to success goes through pieces of strategies and integral planning. Measurement of social media impression has a bigger contribution to the whole. It is one common metric used in public relations.

Impression is defined by the total amount of hits on your content. Marketing executives calculate impressions per post by analyzing the impact of your content on the outside world. So, it is evident that the more times your post has been seen the better is its impression.

Building brand awareness is one crucial objective of social media marketing and steering impression has a bigger influence on it. At one glance you can measure the count but that’s not the end of your responsibility. Identify why that post has been so hit and create similar hype in the recent futures. This will embark active traffic to your website.

Unique Reach of a Post

Most of the startup planners get confused between impressions and post-reach. Before getting deeper into the concept, get acquainted with the outline, first. While impressions are measured by the total volume of views, reach is calculated by the unique views per content. Repeated views by an individual are never counted in reach calculation.

Besides showing the unique clicks, reach also tells the actual size of your audience, how far the post is spreading, percentage of likes, dislikes and shares. Although greater reach indicates larger audience, it doesn’t tell the details. The smarter idea is to compare the content’s reach with the impression. This gives an exact insight of how many people has seen the post once and how many has seen it for multiple times.  

If to be evaluated, greater impression is better than greater reach. People are seeing your subjects for more than once means the content is interesting and attention-grabbing. Most social media users are critical these days. Unless the post is indeed interesting, they neither like it nor share it. Try to include vibrant and vivid contents in your post – these grabs eyeballs.

Average Shares and Mentions

Having an insight of your post engagement means knowing the number of shares, mentions, comments, reactions, likes and dislikes. In this world of digitalization, where people are always active in the social platforms, these metrics hold high value and importance. Only through these stats, executives successfully identify the graph of active-user-conversation.

Certainly, more mentions and shares mean the post has been largely engaging. But it won’t be possible unless you maintain the bar of excellence. Quality matters a lot in holding the client base. The secret to repetitive customer is value for money products; otherwise, there will be only one-time users in your edge.

Besides quality, promotions are equally necessary. If you maintain quality but don’t showcase it, the whole effort will remain under cover. People will hardly know about your hidden treasure and thereby, you will land up in big loss. Hire smarter minds in business those who will help you to create interesting posts, endorsing the brand value and its quality. Colorful images with offers and discounts in bold letters are the best means to attract customer’s attention.

Advertisement Recall Analysis

Think how interesting it would be if the promotional posts of your products or services are long remembered by the audiences. Sometimes audiences go gaga over a few advertisements but that’s not the situation with al. To be in that position, optimize each of your promotional programs. Let audience recall your effort even if it goes off air.

Facebook has one interesting metric to estimate the number of people who recall your ads. It compares and evaluates the creativity level of your production and its reach. Wondering how is it calculated? Here’s your answer – Facebook measures the difference between individuals who recalls the ads after seeing it and who haven’t seen the posts yet. 

This assessment gives a clear count of recall and helps to identify the facts like how likely a person remembers, why do they recollect, etc. Although, this metric is considered imprecise, it gives a good estimation of your ads effectiveness and engagement capability. Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights are those free tools that are handy and user-friendly.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) Count

Today, every business has adopted the online advertising policy and so the competition has stepped on to an all together different level. Reaching the target audience with your advertisement is quite challenging. Having a dedicated team of marketing executives is the best way to win the game. They analyze, design, and develop unique ads, combining creativity and vibrancy. Nowadays, you will find most of the ads thoroughly relevant as experts are completely aware of the drill.

Besides being ingenious and resourceful, it is important to measure the CTR if you are promoting over the digital media. CTR stands for Click-Through Rate, which gives the ratio of number of people who clicked on your ad and the count of users who has only seen it. The higher the ratio, the better is the business. It is one common metric that establishes the success of your commercial. Also, indicates the relevance of your advertisement.

CTR is another good metric for lead generation. It can be said that those who have clicked on the commercial are your probable customers. For any business, small or big, it’s important to keep a regular track of CTR in order to determine the velocity of lead generation.

Micro Conversion Goals

Sale is defined as the macro conversion since it embraces bigger goals and objectives. Measuring the campaign progresses, retail proportion, and revenue fall under the label of macro conversions. However, you must not forget about the micro considerations while being indulged in the larger intentions.

Micro conversions are the baby steps on the road to chief adaptations. It can be an action or a set of events, which strongly indicates an individual’s positive progress on the subject of your company website. Organizations should take this as an important consideration. If you are entrepreneur, try to identify one for your business, soon.

Customary and popular micro conversions are –

  • Reading specific pages on your website like service page, product page, features page, terms and conditions, policies and so on.
  • Downloading a PDF, white paper or an e-book.
  • Adding products to your Wishlist or filling up the Cart
  • Signing up for your newsletters or business magazines
  • Attending a webinar arranged by your company or organized in association with your brand.

Traffic Calculation and New Visits

Sale is directly proportion to traffic. So, increasing the traffic is one metric for boosting up your sale’s rate. You should always track down your website traffic in order to identify new visitors versus repetitive customers. Just like returning users are important, it’s vital to have new people in club. Otherwise, your lead generation and purchase rate will get stuck after a point.

Every social media platform comes with inbuilt analytical tools, where you can directly calculate the traffic for your respective ads. Make sure you are exploring and utilizing these platforms for the right engagement. If to be used properly, they have the potential to optimize your business. There are two different aspects of lead calculation. Here they are –

  • Referral Traffic: It’s important for every company to understand where their website leads are coming from. Google Analytics allows you to calculate your traffic in details. This means you can measure reach, impression alongside the referral sources that are redirecting traffic to your website. Also, you can assume which of the users are most likely to become leads.
  • Total Leads: Social media campaigns offer good insight to leads and traffic. You must know the count of leads a campaign drive for your commerce. How about integrating conversion goals with your business ads running on social media platforms! Great idea indeed. For this, you need to setup a pixel on your website. This lets you accurately track the hits and breakdown points of a social media advertisement.

Social media is a bigger and significant slice when you are measuring the pieces of marketing strategy. And on top of that, these metrics help businesses gain a better perspective of future leads and traffic. In fact, they walk one step towards strategically streamlined decision-making, which in turn optimizes the promotional methods and marketing bottom line. On a daily basis, think how you can improve the social media campaigns and complement the existing data. Quite a few tools are there in the market that offers the chance to download the analytical reports. From which, business owners, like you, can get a comprehensive overview of the post’s reach, performance, and more. Always try to couple your unique social media campaign ideas with optimal lead generation tools and there’s no way to stop you!