What Are The Gaming Trends That We Can Expect For Year 2020-21

With the onset of pandemic last year, people were forced to take shelter in their homes and turned to online gaming trends for fun and leisure. In the recent history of mankind, this was probably the first time, the world was shut and people were inside of their homes for a better part of the year.

Studies and Data shows an instant spike in the participation of people in the gaming zone. The gaming industry is every growing and in 2020, it has seen a spurt in growth.

The booming online gaming trends is a beneficial system for everyone such as entrepreneurs, players, common man and gaming developers, providing them opportunities to quench their appetite for online gaming and innovations.

People are there on gaming platforms to escape their boring routines and want something new. This being the reason why there’s always a frequent reshape in the gaming industry and is dynamic in nature. Developers need to be on their foot all the time meeting the expectations and follow the ever-changing trend.

Before jumping on to see the trends which the gaming trends holds for us, let’s discuss briefly what are the key factors that led to the boom of gaming industry in general.

Key Factors Leading to Spike in The Gaming Industry

Wide use of Mobile Phones – The increased use and easy accessibility of the mobile phones has been a major game changer in the world of gaming. Earlier, people used to resort only to their laptops and desktops and thus needs proper space and dedicated time devoted to gaming. With the introduction of phones to our daily lives, it has become on the go process for people.

People may stream and play games on the commute and public transports, a very good option to pass their time as there is nothing much else to do.

Introduction of 5G Internet –With the onset of staying on the grid, it is very difficult for people, especially young minds to go off the grid ever for few hours as the world around them changes. The Internet has made the web very dynamic. The easy access and cheap prices for the internet has brought changes to people’s lives. With the introduction of 5G Internet, the speed is going to change the scenario of mobile gaming. As the speed of 5G Internet is 10 times more than the 4G Internet, it will be easy to download the games or stream them online.

The Pandemic –The major boom in the gaming trends has been in the year 2020 alone. While people were sheltered inside their homes, gaming industry took the opportunity and has delivered the results. As the pandemic is not yet settled, we can see it as a key factor that decides the trends of gaming industry for up-and-coming years.

Artificial Intelligence – AI is also working on developing and understanding the emotions of players while playing and thus providing a real-life experience and blurring the line between real and virtual.

We have tried to accommodate and list a few gaming trends that we can see in the year of 2020-21. The same have been listed below. Once you are through with these, you may actually apply and see for yourselves.

Gaming Trends We Can Observe in Year 2020-21

  • Console Less Gaming Services – The new gaming trends are gaining attraction as they consist of manipulable images and sometimes sounds. The report reveals that single-player games are the most popular.
  • Increased use of Mobile Phones – As discussed above, proliferation of mobile phones has had a huge impact on the industry. As per the data reports, people prefer gaming trends from their mobiles instead of streaming from the laptops or desktops as the same can be done from anywhere. Therefore, we can expect more games that can fit and played from the mobile phones.
  • More Interactive Games – AI has been game changer in the industry. Creating and modifying characters based on the players emotions and personality is something which would have been referred as beyond science no earlier than at least 10 years ago. However, here we are. AI has made the experience more realistic and interesting. Gamers and players now do not just want to see excellent graphics but the use of AI too.

We can therefore, expect the app developers to modify more into the field of AI making games more appealing, interesting, interactive and dynamic.

Developers are also now looking at new angles of making it more of an experience, by trying to understand the voice commands, movements and gestures. They are working on making the characters self-learning from the past experiences which honestly could be revolutionary.

  • Diversity in the Gaming World – As per the stats, gaming trends is more of men dominant industry with a very small ratio of women’s contribution. However, since last year, the industry has seen rise in the participation by women and therefore, the developers are working on making the characters women based or basically shifting their paradigm from white men.
  • A rise in E-Sports – As people are interested in gaming more and more, some companies have started organizing leagues and tournaments online which automatically makes the things interesting and aims for wider audience and participation. Companies put large money prices and invest largely in such tournaments as they anticipate the success rate of it.
  • Responsible Gaming – A couple of year back, we saw the millennials falling into the traps of video games and performing harmful stunts to clear a level and in return ended up losing their lives. The addiction to video games may end up giving bad results. Further, some people invest far too much money in playing. A disclaimer with the video game being addictive and running a financial risk may warn the players before they enter it. The concerned teams may also keep a sharp eye on monetary transactions from users end and then a triggering a warning if things go beyond control.

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