Trending Friday Fashion Among Millennials: A Qualitative Study

Almost every week, a new Friday fashion comes in store and wonder who are the most excited souls? Millennials, like you, of course! Big brands are setting the trend and you are flowing with the wave. Well, it great to be fashionable and stylish for qualitative study. But, it’s important to carry yourself with poise. So, every clothe that you see is certainly not for your wear. Nit-pick the ones that will go with your posture, height, figure, and complexion. There are two more factors that the most young-gens tend to forget – workplace dress code and season. Yes, these are pragmatic considerations that you must not skip while cladding yourself.

Suppose, you have to perform a case study to write an essay on millennial friday fashion. To be precisely, you have to identify Friday fashion in corporate space. If you think there’s little or no time in hand, Google the keyword “Friday Fashion”. But then also, a bit of knowledge you will need in order to customize your essay. Get some insight, here.

Qualitative Study to Understand Millennial’s “Friday Fashion”

Friday’s are exciting – it marks the last working day of the week in corporate sectors, educational institutes and most other workplaces. Although you will be exhausted by working throughout the week, deep inside a voice will say, “Weekend is coming!!”

So, you have to dress accordingly that neither goes heavy on your exhaustion nor too light for your vivacity. It should be a balanced wear, which speaks of your personality and reflects your mood.

Here are some suggestions, picked and listed from a qualitative study. Besides friday fashion recommendations, the following will serve as perfect elements for a good topic. Time to enrich your friday fashion sense and knowledge base!

1. Turn Heads with A White Tee and Printed Suit

Corporate fashion features a lot of decency and dignity, be it on Friday or Monday. So, your choice should follow the right course of integrity. Again, Fridays allow you to be a bit casual, as well. Try a white t-shirt and printed suit with a slim-fit trouser for the bottom. This goes equally for both men and women.

White Tee and Printed Suit

2. Rethink the Classic Belted-Trench Coat and Midis

Midi-skirts with a belted-trench coat can be a perfect attire for cool Fridays. Normally, the coats come in lighter shades like off-white, peach, Asher, Stone, Grey, Sterling, Heather, Pearl, etc. So, choose a darker-shade mid for an unspoiled combo. You may go for dyes like Mahogany, Blood, Sangria. Crimson, merlot, Cherry, Currant, Brick etc. Belted-trench coats are also good for corporate men. It is well-paired with dark-tinted trousers or denims.

Classic Belted-Trench Coat and Midis

3. Casual Denims Are HR’s Favorite for Fridays

Denims are all-time preferences in corporate culture by both men and women. And, it’s comfy, as well. You can don any shade or any style you want. Here, are some possible combinations that you can go for.

  • Light-hued denim shirts with darker denim jeans or vice-versa
  • Any Light/dark-tinted shirt or tee (not denims) with denim midis
  • Denim Plus-pocket, Jumpsuits, Ripped Cuffed, Button-Fronts, and Capris
Casual Denims

4. Pencil-Skirts Are All-Time Corporate Fashion

Typically, this style is for women and widely donned in every corporate sector. Although Mondays see a greater number of pencil-skirts, Fridays don’t lag behind. If you have wore it with a shirt on Monday, try it with a off-shoulder or cold-shoulder top on Friday. Go for alternate hues in the pair.


5. Give It A Summery Spin with Floral Prints

Floral-prints are labelled as unisex corporate fashion. Normally, men go for light-hued floral shirts, mostly White, on Fridays. Whereas, women prefer knee-length floral dresses, short-floral-jackets, midi-floral-skirts, and cool and stylish floral-tops. Light-shades suit better for floral designs.

Floral Prints

Well, a qualitative research showed these are listed as the “most popular” Friday corporate fashion. For a quality essay, don’t miss on the trends

Did you love the styles? These styles are trending and happens to escalate your confidence. Just make sure, you have made the best combination or else you may look messy, at times. Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Zara are some of the luxury fashion brands, currently, setting 2019’s fashion on fire. Get the coolest before anyone else picks it!